I have a confession to make: I am terrible under-read of Australian authors. In fact, until this novel my Australian reading was limited to two David Malouf novels and a handful of Australian poetry. I happened upon a collection of short memoir snippets from Australian authors at a book sale the other day and ever since have been reading a chapter here and there and in the process getting a taste for a variety of Australian author’s and their style. This was how I came across Nick Earls.

The Fix is about Ben, who has returned to Brisbane after living in the UK for a few years and upon return is asked to be the media fixer for a breaking story. The catch is that the breaking story centers around the man that had made Ben flee to the UK in the first place. The story is well written, a light easy read where you can enjoy the characters and get involved in their lives and the slight hint of the detective story keeps you guessing to the very end. This novel hasn’t changed my life in anyway and I will probably not think about it again in another week and yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is the perfect summer novel, read it while sun baking by the pool drinking gin and tonics and switch off your brain and just enjoy. The next time I see a Nick Earls novel (in the library) I won’t walk away.